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Look to us when the stakes are high, legal precedent may be set, and the outcome can change the course of your business.

Sometimes the end of the trial is just the beginning. To successfully reverse an unfavorable outcome—or defend a hard-fought victory—companies need a team who can decipher the legal issues that decided the case and turn the focus toward the compelling points that will resonate with a panel of appellate judges. The stakes are high, legal precedent may be set, and the outcomes can change the course of a business.


Seyfarth’s Appellate attorneys have the unique combination of legal acumen and writing skills to deliver winning briefs and compelling oral arguments. The team has handled more than 400 appeals in both state and federal court systems nationwide in areas including class actions, labor and employment, whistleblower retaliation, antitrust, torts, civil procedure, libel, breach of contract, environmental, real property, bankruptcy, and civil rights.

Our team has substantial experience drafting and submitting amicus curiae briefs in high-profile cases with policy implications or other broad significance.

Our Appellate attorneys are a key asset at every stage of litigation, providing strategic insights during both pretrial and trial proceedings. Our team draws upon experience with standards of review and issue preservation to add value for our clients well before a judgment is handed down. Our attorneys also collaborate with Seyfarth’s top-notch litigators to create the most favorable trial record in anticipation of an appeal, consult on and draft jury instructions and verdict forms, answer procedural questions, file interlocutory appeals, and handle complex briefings throughout the trial.

When a verdict has been rendered, our Appellate team works with clients to quickly determine whether a post-judgment appeal is warranted and, if so, which key issues to pursue. Our attorneys draft and argue post-trial motions, handle discretionary review, and prepare and deliver comprehensive, compelling briefings and oral arguments in federal and state appellate courts.

Wage & Hour Appellate Advocacy. Seyfarth has particular depth in the area of wage-and-hour appellate cases. In both federal and state courts, our team has obtained and defeated interlocutory review of class certification rulings. Our Appellate attorneys also handle appeals from summary judgment rulings, orders regarding arbitration of wage-and-hour claims, and jury verdicts. The team has filed amicus curiae briefs or represented the named parties in such prominent wage-and-hour cases as Wal-Mart v. Dukes and Epic Systems v. Lewis.


Appellate advocacy is a unique discipline that is distinct from trial-level work and requires its own set of skills and experience. Success on appeal often depends on the disciplined and dispassionate selection of issues with the greatest chance of success combined with the clear, forceful, and respectful articulation of the client’s position. By working closely with Seyfarth litigators at every stage, our Appellate attorneys lay the groundwork for post-trial success and can transition from trial to appeal in a highly effective and seamless way.