California Workplace Solutions

With decades of experience in employment counseling and practical workplace solutions, Seyfarth Shaw is uniquely situated to advise companies who operate in California.

Seyfarth’s California Workplace Solutions group consists of highly-skilled and experienced attorneys dedicated to proactive, preventative advice and business consulting. Our attorneys collaborate to deliver useful, up-to-date advice at the cutting edge of new developments in California law. With a significant California footprint—offices in Century City, Los Angeles, Sacramento and San Francisco—the California Workplace Solutions group is exceptionally positioned to address all legal issues faced by California employers. 

Seyfarth attorneys are experienced in every California employment-related legal issue, as well as all federal and state laws that govern employment relationships. Our California Workplace Solutions attorneys use industry knowledge and legal acumen to provide practical advice and proactive strategies to help our clients comply with the law and avoid litigation risks. Our lawyers have broad experience in creating and reviewing all forms of contracts, employment policies and procedures, handbooks, job applications, performance evaluation forms, offer letters, separation agreements, timekeeping documents, leave of absence management forms, and all other documents that affect the work relationship.

Attorneys in our California Workplace Solutions group have developed key products and services to help clients anticipate trends and respond effectively to a wide range of legal issues. Our clients can take advantage of the following offerings.


Assessment, Audit and Compliance Tools

  • California-oriented compliance reviews and assessments in the areas of wage and hour, Labor Code compliance, performance management, leave management, and classification of employees and contingent workers.
  • Customized California compliance systems for clients who require a dedicated team of attorneys. Services include process analysis and management, updates and visits, periodic training and advice hotlines.


Innovative Advice Tools

  • Flat-fee based California Hotlines for clients that need an immediate response and frequent employment advice.
  • Trend analyses and frequent updates on the matters Seyfarth’s Labor & Employment Department is handling, plus forecasts of emerging issues.
  • “Lessons learned” analysis from employment disputes. At minimal cost to the client, a CWS counselor will analyze any situation that led to litigation or other disputes, and can recommend adjustments to avoid similar problems. Our team partners with our clients at the beginning, conclusion, or at any other strategically optimal point in the lifecycle of a matter to implement suggested practices or policy changes and provide customized training to decrease the likelihood of a similar issue recurring.


The Latest Legal (and Practical) Information

  • A concise summary of need-to-know information updated annually, entitled “Cal-Peculiarities: How California Employment Law Is Different."
  • Regular webinars focusing on California’s legal climate and enforcement trends, required and recommended policies, and best practices.
  • California-specific Management Alerts that address late-breaking news of legal developments and practical solutions.


We also offer a suite of products for employers who are “getting started” in California. Geared toward California employers with fewer than 50 employees, the suite includes an employee handbook, key policies, and checklists and forms that address employer obligations in hiring, employing, and terminating California employees, as well as attorney consultation time for customization.

For additional information on our 2017 Cal-Peculiarities: How CA Employment Law is Different, or to order your book, contact